Five Quick Natural Thyroid Treatments

When people are diagnosed with thyroid problems, they often want to find natural remedies for underactive thyroid conditions to alleviate their problems. Apart from taking whatever drug that physicians prescribe, there are several herbal and nutritional supplements that can help. It requires a healthy diet to back up natural thyroid treatments, but those who are dedicated to managing their ailment with all things healthy will soon find themselves feeling a whole lot better

Here are some of the herbs recommended for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. To ensure that the right combination is being ingested, make sure to visit a qualified herbalist first for more information.

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng)

eleuthero thyroid

This is one of the natural remedies for under active thyroid and overactive thyroid conditions. It has a calming effect and boosts the immune system. People with thyroid problems often have problem with the adrenal gland too, and this herb also combats this condition. In the 70’s and 80’s the Russians studied this herb extensively to boost the performance of their athletes and found a great many things about it.



buggleweed thyroidcare

One of the best natural remedies for under-active thyroid. It is not for everyone, but those who have difficulty taking beta blockers or antithyroid drugs may see a benefit from taking this. Again, doctors must be sought for advice on natural thyroid treatments before stopping a prescribed drug regimen. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid this supplement.




This is an herb that is particularly useful for those with hypothyroidism. It may be necessary to combine it with healthier living and other supplements. However, once the natural thyroid treatments are in the system, users may be able to be weaned off synthetic drugs. It has been dubbed ‘liquid magic’ by doctors, and is meant to stimulate hormone production. Since it also contains iodine, some people may not be able to take it. It can be combined with other herbs, like ashwagandha for example, which also stimulates hormone production.


Echinacea thyroid care

This is a great herb for boosting the immune system. Make sure to buy only the best quality herbal supplements to get the full benefit.


Ashwagandha thyroid care

This herb has many benefits even for those who do not have thyroid problems. Again, another herb that helps the immune system, and it lowers stress in the body too. This one is ideal for those with inflammatory conditions and can be used for children who need a tonic.



Using these natural thyroid treatments, alone or in a combination, can bring improved health to those who want to move away from synthetic drugs. I suggest taking a more structured approach such as the 4 steps in the natural thyroid diet. As with all compounds taken into the body, there can be some risks if not taken carefully. Some people will not tolerate the herbs, or they may have certain allergies or conditions that will be exacerbated by taking them. Therefore, expert advice must be sought before taking anything, even if it is considered to be natural. Also, do not stop taking prescribed drugs suddenly and seek advice from your doctor before starting a new regimen for alternative treatments for sluggish thyroid. Although herbs may sound like they will not do any harm, the combination of stopping synthetic drugs and taking up herbal medicine could be dangerous.

To your ultimate health,


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