6 Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

More and more people are starting to realize that they may be having a problem with an underactive thyroid. How do you know whether or not you are one of them? If you do not know the signs of thyroid problems, how do you know how to get rid of the symptoms once and for all? Check this list for signs that you might have hypothyroidism.


1. Fatigue – thyroid symptom

underactive thyroid symptoms fatigue (Small)

Fatigue is a major underactive thyroid symptom. When you are fatigued, you not only feel sluggish, but your brain will seem clouded and tasks become more difficult. The fatigue that you feel could range from feeling a little sleepy to needing a nap every day just to function on a basic level.


2. Weight Gain – thyroid symptom

hypothyroid symptoms weight gain (Small)

Another underactive thyroid symptom is weight gain. That is because your thyroid is a major factor in regulating your metabolism. You might find yourself gaining weight with no change in your diet or lifestyle. If this is so, you might have developed hypothyroidism.


3. Depression thyroid symptom


sluggish thyroid problems depression (Small)

Because hypothyroidism creates an imbalance in your body, depression is a common underactive thyroid symptom. If you feel yourself becoming sad and irritable for reasons unknown, a visit to your doctor might be in order. Determining the cause of your depression is the first step towards helping you to cope with this very difficult hypothyroid symptom.


4. Loss of Memory thyroid symptom

signs of thyroid problems loss of memory (Small)

Memory loss is an underactive thyroid symptom that can cause confusion and loss of concentration. This is due to the body’s imbalance, or the lack of hormones caused by sluggish thyroid problems. While all of the signs of thyroid problems are difficult to deal with, losing the ability to remember simple tasks, and being unable to concentrate is very frustrating. If you have noticed your memory slipping, then schedule an appointment with your doctor to test your thyroid levels. The sooner you know the cause, the sooner you can get your memory back.


5. Constipation thyroid symptom

sluggish thyroid problems constipation (Small)

Constipation, like many of the underactive thyroid symptoms, is caused by an imbalance in your body. When you become constipated, your digestive system is not able to keep up with the amount of toxins you ingest. If you have noticed irregularities in your bowel movements, or if you are straining or feeling bloated, this is a sign that may indicate you have thyroid problems.

6. Sensitivity to Cold

underactive thyroid symptoms cold sensitivity (Small)

If you suddenly feel like you cannot keep warm in temperatures that you previously found comfortable, this may be an underactive thyroid symptom. Like many of the hypothyroid symptoms, it is caused by an imbalance in your hormone levels. Your body is trying to maintain equilibrium, but in the process it is causing extreme shifts and irregularities that indicate a health problem. Instead of putting on another sweatshirt, visit with your doctor and get help.


These are merely six in a long list of underactive thyroid symptoms. If you have started experiencing any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact your doctor to take a thyroid test. Knowing you have sluggish thyroid problems is the first step toward getting your body balanced again.



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