3 Familiar Underactive Thyroid Symptoms and How to Overcome Them

Underactive thyroid symptoms can be a lot to handle. These symptoms can make the process of getting your thyroid back to healthy levels very difficult. But it’s not impossible. Sometimes focusing on one individual symptom is the start that your thyroid needs to get back on track. Which symptom to you want to overcome?


1. Fatigue

underactive thyroid symptoms fatigue

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Fatigue is a common sluggish thyroid problem that can be very difficult to handle. Here are two things on a long list you can do to help overcome this hypothyroid symptom.


  • Exercise – I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but working out can actually help you get rid of your fatigue. When you exercise, you allow your body to sleep more soundly at night. The more deeply you sleep, the more energy you’ll have. Exercising also helps boost thyroid function, so you are helping your thyroid twofold.


  • Cut Out Caffeine – Depending upon the amount of caffeine you ingest in a day, you could be doing your body more harm than good by trying to fight fatigue this way. By limiting your caffeine intake, you will not only sleep more peacefully at night, but you will get a bigger boost from caffeine when you need it.


However, if you suspect you have chronic fatigue you might want to take a look here.


2. Constipation

underactive thyroid symptoms constipation

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Constipation is not a fun subject to talk about, but when it comes to your thyroid it is one of the key signs of a thyroid problem. So, how do you overcome it?


  • Go High Fiber – It’s easy to add high fiber foods to your diet if you’re constipated – unless you have sluggish thyroid problems. There are certain foods that you simply should not eat when you have underactive thyroid symptoms, but there are also foods that you can and should eat that will help.


Foods like lima beans, mushrooms, and pumpkin are all “regulating” foods that will not wreak havoc upon your thyroid. While you should avoid fruits like strawberries and peaches, you should add fruits like bananas and avocados to your diet – these are great tools to help regulate. Don’t be afraid to reach for the bran; bran cereals are great for your body and great for your thyroid.


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3. Weight Gain

weight gain underactive thyroid symptoms

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Our thyroids play a major role in our metabolism, so it’s no wonder that, when we show signs of thyroid problems, our weight gain is one of the first topics of discussion. Weight gain is another frustrating underactive thyroid symptom. But, like the other two, it can be overcome.


There is one word you should think about when trying to deal with hypothyroid weight gain: balance. If you balance your calorie intake with appropriate exercise and sleep, your metabolism will start to level off. Once your metabolism starts to normalize, your thyroid will follow suit and your underactive thyroid symptoms will start to fade.


These familiar symptoms of an underactive thyroid can all be overcome. And the best part is, once you start working on one, the rest will fall into line. In no time, your underactive thyroid symptoms will be in check, and you will have your life back again.



To your ultimate health,


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